What is tree-merge.com?

Merge many category systems into one

tree-merge.com is a web based application that allows you to merge many input tree structures into one “supertree” that includes all of the input trees.

This is useful when you are creating one database from many, and each database has its own category system (tree structures to organise the items).

Possible use cases:

  • E-commerce
  • Biology
  • Document systems
  • File systems
  • Any case where you have multiple semantically equal, but digitally different input trees that require one human decision per input tree node to merge.

The problems tree-merge.com solves:

  • Semantically equal, digitally different
    • Although input category/tree systems are mostly semantically equal, the text content of the nodes digitally differ so cannot be automatically merged with a program.
      • E.g. “red cat” vs “rouge cat” cannot be automatically merged.
  • Differing sets of branches
    • Branches may not exist in all input trees.
      • E.g. One input tree may have the category “indigo cats”.
  • Differing specificity
    • The specificity differs between input trees.
      • One tree may have very deep and specific categories, another may have very broad and general categories.

tree-merge.com visualizes the trees and offers you the tools to quickly merge the input trees into one using your human/domain specific knowledge about the trees. Once you have merged the trees, you can export to JSON and integrate with your system.

Explainer video


Faster for both humans and computers

Once you have merged and integrated your categories: Using a single tree allows having a single search index, and a single tree/user interface to use for your users.

Cloud based

Use from any desktop browser, save in the cloud, export when the merge is complete and you are ready to integrate.

Very large trees

Supports up to 5,000 nodes per input tree.

Speaks your language

The inputs and outputs are JSON which is supported by most programming languages. This allows easy import/export from your current database systems.

Simple; Accessible for all

Although the import/export via JSON may need technical ability, the actual merging can be done via the web interface by anybody with basic computer skills.

This allows you to communicate and complete the merge process within a team.

Large monitor and track pad optimized

It is recommended (but not required) to use a large monitor (25+) and track pad so you can benefit from the trackpad/multi window optimized features of tree-merge.com. This will enable you to complete the merge faster.

Keyboard shortcuts for fast merging

Shortcuts enable you to quickly merge branches. This speeds up the merge process for large trees (1,000+ nodes, 3+ input trees).


tree-merge.com will prevent you from creating invalid merge operations.

Infinitely faster than the alternative

It would be very difficult or impossible to complete an accurate and understandable merge with typical text editors used for editing JSON files.


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